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Giorgio Armani is a renowned name in the world of fashion and an icon of Italian refinement. In addition to luxury clothing, couture and handbags, Armani has also built an empire in beauty products, children's clothing, furniture, and luxury hotels. With an Armani handbag, you add a touch of Italian grandeur to your outfit.


Welcome to the world of Chanel handbags, where each bag tells a story. With a heritage of luxury since 1955, each bag embodies the iconic style of the fashion house. From the timeless Classic Flap to the contemporary Boy Bag, every creation breathes class. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Chanel's bag collection and add a touch of luxury to your style.


What began in the 1940s as a shop selling custom-made children's shoes, has grown into one of the biggest players in the fashion industry today. Over the years, the brand has evolved but has always remained true to its core values: simplicity, functionality, and timeless elegance. Céline handbags are loved by fashion enthusiasts who appreciate minimalism and quality.


Charles Delvaux founded the house in 1829. Initially, the specialty of the house was travel suitcases, but gradually, the items became more refined. King Leopold II was already a regular customer, and appointed Delvaux as Purveyor to the Court in 1883. In the early 20th century, the product range was expanded to include handbags. Discover the uniqueness of Delvaux handbags, where Belgian craftsmanship and contemporary flair harmoniously converge.


Gucci, a symbol of Italian luxury and avant-garde style since 1921. Driven by creative director Alessandro Michele, the fashion house has revolutionized with eclectic designs and bold expression. From the iconic GG Marmont to the timeless Dionysus, each Gucci handbag tells a story of innovation and extravagance.


Hermès is one of the most luxurious brands in the world. The brand was founded in 1837 in Paris as a saddlery and is now primarily known for its silk scarves and the Kelly and Birkin handbags, which are highly coveted by many fashion enthusiasts.


The fashion house Kenzo was founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. The brand is known for bold prints and vibrant colors. Kenzo brought color back to haute couture and is considered an icon of the 1970s.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is globally renowned for its stunning handbags, accessories, and clothing. The brand was founded in 1854 when craftsman Louis Vuitton specialized in making travel trunks in Paris. In 1896, his son Georges Vuitton introduced the legendary monogram in honour of his late father: the interlocking letters L and V against a dark brown background.


Dive into the world of cheerful eccentricity with Moschino! Each piece reflects the unique and playful design Moschino is known for. From striking prints to iconic teddy bear details, every Moschino handbag brings a dose of humor and style.


Discover the timeless elegance of Natan. From sleek lines to subtle details, every Natan handbag breathes class and timeless beauty. Opt for a vintage Natan handbag and add a touch of Belgian allure to your style.

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