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Consignment Terms & Conditions

These are the general conditions for consignment via Garderobe (Liselot Declercq). Garderobe is a webshop with a physical location in Kortrijk that focuses on buying and selling second-hand handbags and accessories through consignment.

Marionetten 46, Kortrijk

When selling second-hand handbags and accessories through consignment, the Seller agrees to the following general conditions:

Bringing in Goods

Garderobe accepts handbags and accessories from designer brands that are still in good condition. The decision to accept is at Garderobe's discretion, and Garderobe is not obligated to provide a reason for its choice. This decision, whether to accept or not, is not open to dispute. Bringing in pieces can only be done by appointment and after initial contact via Whatsapp or Messenger. Garderobe reserves the right to make a selection from the offered items. After processing the items, the Seller receives a consignment agreement with the listed items and prices. The Seller is responsible for contacting Garderobe if they do not receive an agreement or email. Without a response within 24 hours after sending the agreement, Garderobe assumes silent agreement.


The Seller guarantees that, when consigning goods, they are not stolen or counterfeit. The Seller guarantees the authenticity of the item and bears full responsibility in case of forgery or imitation. If Garderobe determines that an item is counterfeit, Garderobe has the right to reject the article, even if the consignment agreement has already been signed. The Seller will be informed of this. Counterfeit items will be returned or destroyed at the Seller's expense.


Selling price under €500 = the Seller receives 55%
Selling price between €500 and €2000 = the Seller receives 65%
Selling price above €2000 = the Seller receives 75%

This amount excludes shipping costs.


Given the legal withdrawal period of 14 days, the payment to the Seller follows within 30 days after the sale. Payment is made by bank transfer to the Seller's bank account.


Items that have been for sale via the webshop for 3 months are offered with a 30% discount on the initially agreed selling price, only if the Seller has agreed to this when signing the consignment agreement. If Garderobe wants to grant discounts on special promotional days, the Seller will be notified by email in advance and asked for consent. If the Seller wishes, the item's price can be reduced at any time during the agreement's duration. The Seller must inform Garderobe by email for this to take effect.

Duration of the Agreement

The goods are made available for a period of 6 months from the day the Seller signs the consignment agreement. In case of non-sale within this period, the Seller will be notified by email, and they can pick up the goods at Garderobe by appointment. If the Seller has not picked up the goods 30 days after the notification, they become the property of Garderobe. The Seller can pick up the items they do not want to be discounted or those they want back for any other reason at the earliest after 3 months. For items picked up before this date, an administrative fee of 20% of the selling price is charged, with a minimum of €10. Customers must make an appointment to pick up their items so that they can be prepared.

Damage and Theft

Garderobe is not responsible for damage or theft of items brought in. The items are not insured against water and/or fire damage.


Version 1.4 – modified on 6/01/2023